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Our Products Offering

Solving your heating demands!
SNOL _60/120 (_60L/300C MAX)
SNOL 120/300 (120L/300C Max)
SNOL 220/300 (220L/300C Max)
SNOL 420/300 (420L/300C Max)

Lab Furnace Range (30C-1200C)

SNOL 8.2/1100 (8.2L/1100C Max)
SNOL 30/1100LSF01
SNOL 30/1100 (30L/1100C Max)
SNOL 80/1100 LSF01
SNOL 80/1100 (80L/1100C Max)
SNOL 40/1200 (40L/1200C Max)

INdustrial Oven Range (30C-600C)

SNOL 360/600 (360L/600C Max)
SNOL 1000/600 (1000L/600C Max)
SNOL 970/600 (970L/600C Max)
SNOL 2000/600 (2000L/600C Max)

INdustrial Furance Range (30C-1200C)

SNOL 1000/1200 (1000L/1200C Max)
SNOL 1500/600 (1500L/600C Max)
SNOL 2500/1200 (2500L/1200C Max)
SNOL 4000/1200 (4000L/1200C Max)
SNOL 4800/1200 (4800L/1200C Max)

Temperature Control Accessories

Type J/K/R Temperature Sensors
Temperature Controllers (Shimaden / Yokogawa / Eurotherm)
SCR Power Regulator (0-100% Precise Heater Control) 30A-200A
SSR Heater Regulator 30A-90A
Chartless Recorder

Air flow (Circulation/ Acccelerated COoling Blowers)

Fan Wheel
Centrifugal Blowers
Turbo Blower
Ring Blower

Hot Air Blowers/Fans

3KW Hot Air Fan (30-100C)
18KW Hot Air Blower (High Volume Hot Air Drying 30-120C)
Hot Air Blower
30KW Hot Air Blower (30C-250C)
Inline Process Air heating (30C-500C)

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