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        We aim to be a one-stop shop for your heating equipment needs. We are able to supply stock lab ovens, lab furnaces and hot air blowers in shortest amount of time. We also have stock for spare parts which can be delivered to you when you need it. 

With uncompromised dedication to our customers,

we offer customized heating solutions/products. We aim to help customer and their projects to get off the ground in the most cost-effective way.

         Our engineers and our knowledge in heating process are our main assets. Let our assets work for you. Regardless whether you have already developed your system or you are still in the planning phase, we will support you with the design. With many years of practical experience in design and supplying process heating equipment, we are in a position to provide you a quick assessment of whether and how your problem can be solved. Do not hesitate to contact us during your planning phase so we can assist at this early stage to evaluate a constructive and superior solution.

Due to our vast production depth, we are able to produce almost every request of our customers in our own factory. And should this be not possible, we have access to a network of partner companies who support us.

We look forward to hear from you soon! 


– We can choose the best Furnace or Oven for your applications

– Replace an obsolete Furnace or Oven

– Solve Uniformity Problems

– Implement a New Product

– Develop a New Process

– Expand Production

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